Top 10 Benefits of Medical Internship for International Students in Sri Lanka

More and more people are turning internationally for medical internships. It is no surprise given the many opportunities to strengthen skills and have new experiences in the international setting. Sri Lanka, a beautiful island nation off the southeast coast of India, provides an incredible location for medical internships. Here are the top ten reasons why international medical students choose to complete an internship in Sri Lanka.  The benefits of medical internships in Sri Lanka are immense and cater to the needs of all medical international students and medical undergrad students.

  1. Develop Intercultural Skills 

Intercultural skills are very important in the modern medical field. Completing an internship abroad is a great way to develop these. Sri Lanka has a diverse population that will allow you to learn about new cultures and customs, enhancing your ability to work with others while showing empathy and compassion.  

  1. Add to Your Resume 

When competing for jobs, having international experience is a positive thing on resumes. Completing a medical internship in Sri Lanka shows that you are willing to accept challenges and take on new experiences. It also shows proof of a successful transition to a new environment, showing evidence that you will succeed.  

  1. Gain Exposure to International Healthcare  

Working in one nation’s healthcare system does not truly show the full picture of international healthcare. Completing a medical internship in Sri Lanka will exposure you to another way of providing medicine. Sri Lanka operates a universal health care system that scores higher than the regional average in life expectancy. An internship will help you learn about how a different country provides care and give you a new lens with which to view global health.  

  1. Improve Language Skills 

One of the biggest benefits of doing a medical internship abroad is the ability to practice language skills. Sri Lanka’s official languages are Sinhala and Tamil with English as a linking language. Interning in Sri Lanka will provide an opportunity to learn or improve in a new language, helping strengthen your language skills.  

  1. Exposure to New Specialty Areas 

One of the great things about medical internships abroad is the ability to gain experience in new areas. Particularly if you are interning at a hospital, you may have the opportunity to get real life experience in a new department or area. This can influence your career goals and help you determine the areas that you want to work in professionally.  

  1. See Amazing Sights 

While an internship focuses on work and professional development, there will be time when you are not working. An internship in Sri Lanka provides many opportunities to visit new places. See elephants at Udawalawe National Park, explore Sigiriya Fortress, or tour the beautiful Hakgala Gardens.  

  1. Try Delicious Food 

Again, the environment you work in can contribute greatly to your overall satisfaction. Sri Lanka is a great destination to try out new culinary dishes. Favorites include eggplant curry, wattalpam, hoppers, plenty of delicious seafood, and mangoes.  

  1. Support Throughout Your Experience 

When you commit to an internship in Sri Lanka, you will receive a high level of support to ensure that you have a positive experience. The staff will help provide an orientation to the country and your new home. You will always have a point of contact to assist you should you have any questions. For many people, knowing this helps them feel more confident in pursuing an internship in a new place.  

  1. Experience Different Cultures 

Sri Lanka is a land that has been influenced by many different cultures. From Indonesian influences to Theravada Buddhism from India and colonial rule by the Dutch, Portuguese, and British, the nation is a melting pot of many different areas that create modern day Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan culture is also known for heavy regional diversity, meaning you will gain new experiences in different areas you visit.  

  1.  Learn More About Global Health 

The most pressing needs in healthcare vary from country to country and even within nations. Completing a medical internship in Sri Lanka will allow you to better understand global health needs as you will see the most critical issues within the nation and be able to help contribute towards the delivery of quality care. This is both a learning experience as well as an opportunity to give back through service.  

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